Conference Themes/Sub Themes

Eco/Enviro-Friendly Separation and Transport Processes :

  • Recent developments in separation science in accordance with the principles of green chemistry such as energy-efficient separations, use of benign solvents, and zero hazardous waste generation.
  • Multiphase flow, transport with heat and mass transfer.
  • Gas and liquid transport.

Next Generation Catalysis :

  • Next-generation Nano-scale catalysis.
  • Single atom catalysis.
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis.
  • Biocatalysts
  • Green catalysis.

Sustainable Energy Cycle- Including Production, Storage and Utilization :

  • Lithium-ion battery, fuel cell technology, hydrogen energy, solar energy, supercapacitors.
  • Clean coal technology – gasification, liquefaction, and direct combustion.
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration and conversion to value-added products.
  • Life cycle assessment of sustainable energy technologies.


Waste to Wealth in Chemical Engineering :

  • Valorisation of organic wastes via recovery of chemicals and materials
  • Thermo-chemical, biochemical and/or physico-chemical conversion processes (or combinations thereof) of organic wastes
  • Post-processing of bio-based main and by-products.